Google Analytics Launches “Content Grouping” to Help Marketers Segment Performance

Google Analytics Content GroupingLate last week, Google Analytics launched “Content Grouping” as a way for marketers to analyze the performance of specific content categories, product lines, and segments. By creating groups of content, B2B marketers should be able to more easily view and compare aggregated metrics by group name.

Content Grouping is designed to allow marketers to group content into a logical structure that reflects how they think about their site, viewing aggregated metrics by group name, and drilling in to individual URLs, page titles, or screen names. Google Analytics allows marketers to create up to five Content Groupings. Within each of those, there is no limit to the number of Content Groups you can define.

According to Russell Ketchum, Google Analytics Team, “This [Content Grouping] will help you wrangle those long lists of … URLs, most of which have a tiny portion of the pageviews (or entrances, exits, etc) each one being individually not interesting, but together telling a meaningful story.

Content grouping is meant to be an easier alternative to the creation of “Advanced Segments”, according to an article on Marketing Land. Marketers can group content based on one of three options, tracking code adjustment, extraction (regex expression), and / or rule set. These options can also be order prioritized, assuming multiple methods are enabled. Data takes 24 hours to populate into reports.

Google Analytics launched an introductory video and more information can be found in the Content Grouping “Help” section of Google Analytics support.

Content Grouping could provide a simpler way to measure performance of assets created, as B2B marketers continue to be faced with an increasing pressure to demonstrate the ROI of content marketing programs.

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