Google Disavow Link Tool Being Used by Fewer Than Half of SEOs

About three months ago, Google introduced its Disavow Link Tool, giving webmasters the ability to remove links that have been noted as “unnatural” from their sites. However, a recent Search Engine Roundtable poll shows SEOs are conflicted when it comes to using the tool.

Poll results show 43 percent of SEOs currently use the tool in some way, with an additional 8 percent planning to do so in the near future. This means 48 percent of SEOs are not using the disavow tool at all, which may be of some surprise.

Some of the skepticism over using the disavow tool could come from its potentially adverse effects. According to a SearchEngineWatch article, “The disavow tool isn’t the game changer some people are making it out to be, but there is no doubt it is a very valuable tool to a segment of webmasters who need more control over off-site issues affecting their search rankings. Perhaps we will see further guidelines in place to prevent fallout from misuse of the link disavow tool if it does end up impacting webmasters negatively, or perhaps Google will end up evaluating the data from all disavow submissions and determine the vast majority of submitted sites are ones previously identified as poor quality link sites and there is no need to do anything with the remaining data.”

As the Disavow Link Tool matures, it will be interesting to see if SEOs will use it to combat “bad links,” or if it will continue to have its usefulness questioned by much of the SEO community.

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