Google+ Enhancements to Provide Authors Easier Content Attribution, Network Development Opportunities

Google+Google+ recently launched two new product enhancements that are meant to provide a simpler mechanism for attributing content to a Google Author profile and develop an audience over time. This according to an announcement on the Google+ Developer’s Blog. Google+ Sign In is now integrated with the Google Authorship program, meaning articles published while logged in as a Google+ user will automatically be attributed to your Google+ Author profile.

The announcement indicates that Google+ is piloting this integration with WordPress and TypePad, and plans on expanding to other sites in the near future. Google Authorship is considered a significant tactic for implementation in the online marketing community. As noted in a recent post on Brafton, “Widespread Authorship adoption could vastly change the content marketing game, as it would lend transparency and credibility to writing published online. This helps valuable information stand out in the sea of content produced every day, and also exposes contributors publishing spammy or untrustworthy materials.”

In addition to connectivity between Google+ Sign In and the Authorship program, Google also announced the introduction of Google+ embedded posts. Websites are now able to add public Google+ posts to pages, similar to how many websites use Facebook embedded posts.

Google developers offered a simple explanation for the introduction of embedded posts: “We want to make it easy [for you] to expand your audience across the web.” To include Google+ posts on your website, simply visit a public Google+ page and click on the embed post option on the drop down menu, to obtain a code for use on a web page.

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