Report Validates Big Four’s Dominance of the Digital Landscape

Google, Apple, Amazon, and Facebook have been competing for digital supremacy, and this trend is expected to continue, according to an article from eMarketer. 

Bloomberg  numbers in early July reveal Apple currently owns the majority of the digital space with its worth at slightly more than $570 billion, followed by Google ($194 billion), Amazon ($102 billion), and Facebook ($74 billion). The future of the digital space for marketers and consumers alike will likely remain in the hands of these four companies, as competition will continue to drive each brand to the next level.

“Expansionary moves on the part of the Big Four reflect a corresponding evolution in the digital world: Tight, increasingly verticalized integration of hardware, software, content, services, advertising and commerce has become table stakes,” said eMarketer. “Competing effectively now requires direct control over many, if not most of these assets, and enough leverage in areas of strength to compensate for areas of weakness.”

Leadership of the digital space will likely remain competitive as new software, apps, and devices are introduced. For example, a recent New York Times article shows Apple will soon be moving away from Google maps by incorporating its own map interface. This will result in a blow to Google, as the company will lose location data from iPhone users of Google maps.

For the future, the digital space will remain in the hands of these four companies. To remain nimble, marketers and consumers will likely have to adjust to new updates, devices, applications, and any other software that may be developed by these companies.

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