Google Mobile Apps Analytics Offers More Tools for Marketers

According to an announcement on the Google Analytics blog, marketers and mobile application developers can now integrate mobile app analytics through their Google Analytics accounts. This additional data allows for analytics over the three main stages of an app’s relationship with users: acquisition and user metrics, user engagement, and outcome.

The first stage of the relationship with the user is acquisition and user metrics, and the new analytics feature allows for a deep dive into this information. This includes measuring the number of new and active users who launch and download your app each day, which allows marketers to analyze and discover their most valuable segments.

While acquisition and user metrics will prove useful to marketers, the engagement feature will help them look beyond just who downloads the app and investigate how users are interacting with the app. Marketers can see how loyal the users are and how frequently they use their app, as well as visually seeing the screens, actions, and paths users take to move throughout the application in order to optimize usage.

Lastly, the new mobile analytics will allow marketers to track goal conversions, or, if they’re selling tangible goods, look into the number of sales and revenue generated from those sales.

This new addition to Google Analytics will be extremely valuable to marketers as more and more consumers and business executives shift toward mobile devices and mobile app usage. Companies developing apps now have a look into customer behavior on these devices to deliver more targeted campaigns.

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