Google to Make Changes to “Rotate” Setting in AdWords

According to a series of recent Google announcements, Google has altered the “rotate” setting in AdWords. Under the new setting, ad campaigns opted into “rotate” will only rotate for a period of 30 days; after that time, ad rotation will stop and ad groups will automatically be opted into optimize for clicks.

Currently Google offers three settings in AdWords for campaign managers to manipulate manually. 1) Optimize for clicks (default): By using this option, your ad group will likely receive more impressions and clicks overall, since higher-quality ads attain better positions and attract more user attention. 2) Optimize for conversions: Although this option may result in your ad group receiving fewer clicks than the previous option, it will likely receive more conversions, which can result in an improved ROI. 3) Rotate evenly: This option, which will experience the change, currently rotates ads evenly, even if one ad has a lower clickthrough rate or conversion.

Greg Finn, in an April 30th post on Search Engine Land, states, “The ‘rotate evenly’ setting has been the preferred type for achieving apples-to-apples testing as ads were evenly disbursed at all times. The change will now require users who are using ads to test landing pages or copy-based conversions to be limited to 30 days per trial. Each time creative is enabled or edited the 30-day window will restart over again.”

Pay Per Click marketers should be aware of these changes when using the rotate feature on AdWords, as it is no longer a truly “set it and forget it” option for ad campaigns. Bjork

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