Google Webmaster Tools Announces New “Index Status” Feature For Webmasters

Google’s Webmaster Central Blog announced yesterday that they will now feature an “Index Status” capability which will allow webmasters to track how many of their site’s pages are being indexed by Google.  A graph will indicate how many pages of a site are currently part of the Google index and the amount of new content being viewed on a site.

According to Google, the “Index Status” feature will be a resource for webmasters to continually track the progress of their site and fix any index-related problems that may occur. An increasing line on the index graph confirms that a site is continually being crawled, indexed, and found in search results. A decreasing line shows a potential problem with a site that is preventing it from being indexed. Problems could stem from changing the site’s URL structure or a site wide error caused by using a meta=”nonindex” which would prevent your site from appearing in search results.

Google reported that the “Index Status” tool will also come with an advanced version that not only indicates your site’s inclusion in Google’s index, but also the amount it is crawled and found on search results. The advanced graph will show three different colored lines for each category to help webmasters pinpoint the area experiencing a problem, error, success, incline or decline.

The goal of the new “Index Status” tool is to create more transparency in the process of indexing, reports Google. Webmasters will now be able to easily access their site’s standing in Google’s index and quickly address any problems or errors that might have gone unseen without the index graph.


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