Google AdWords New ValueTrack Parameters Help Track Conversion and ROI Goals

google-on-mobileGoogle’s new ValueTrack parameters for Enhanced Campaigns has gone live, helping marketers using keyword level URLs to achieve specific conversion and ROI goals. This is according to a recent announcement on the Google AdWords blog.

Enhanced campaigns enable advertisers to manage targeting, bids, and creatives for desktop, tablet, and mobile traffic within a single campaign. To improve this process, Google has incorporated some new updates to the campaign. The existing {ifmobile:[value]}, which previously would insert [value] when a user clicked an ad on either a tablet or a mobile device, will now only trigger from an ad click on a mobile device, allowing marketers to better track clicks by specific device.

Google has also added a new parameter, {ifnotmobile:[value]}, which allows marketers to replace [value] with text that will show up in a user’s URL when the user clicks an add from a computer or tablet. Each of these changes presents marketers with more flexibility when tracking ad success, in terms of clicks.

From the announcement, Karen Yao, Senior Product Manager, AdWords writes, “These features will help you achieve your conversion and ROI goals, and make the upgrade to enhanced campaigns easier by: Directing users to a device-specific landing page at the keyword level and aligning performance reporting with device groupings used in enhanced campaigns.”

B2C and B2B marketers alike have the opportunity to further track search engine advertising ad clicks with Google’s new ValueTrack parameters, updating the current Enhanced Campaigns URL management tool. Marketers now have the ability to break down leads and clicks by incorporating device-specific URLs.

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