Half of Marketers Still Only in Experimental Phase with Mobile Analytics

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Marketers continue to value analytics, but new research shows that they are still new to effectively utilizing harnessed data, specifically in terms of mobile.

The “Vendor Landscape: Mobile Analytics Vendors Should Know” report from Localytics and Forrester discovered that 50 percent of marketers are still only “experimenting” with mobile analytics. Just 19 percent say their executives make decisions based on mobile analytics reports.

Approximately 35 percent of digital business and marketing professionals claim they use analytics for predictive and contextual insights. Only 38 percent stated that their mobile analytics plans have been in place for at least 12 months.

“Mobile customer engagement is complex, and different stakeholders — including marketers, eCommerce professionals, app developers, infrastructure professionals, and customer experience pros — have different needs to measure and understand different aspects of that engagement,” wrote the authors of the report. “That means any mature mobile analytics practice needs multiple mobile analytics technologies.”

Delivering a Better Customer Experience via Mobile

In addition to harvesting data via mobile, research indicates that marketers also want to provide a better customer experience via apps. According to report from Follow Analytics, 64 percent of marketing decision-makers say their top mobile app priority is to improve the customer experience and enhance customer loyalty via mobile.

About 50 percent of marketers believe that mobile CRM is also helping them provide a more seamless customer experience across multiple devices. They claim that “customers now expect 1:1, personalized interactions that are connected across devices and channels, meaning behavior and triggers in one place influences others.”

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