Report: Instagram Engagement Ratio 10 Times Higher than Facebook for Brands

When it comes to social media marketing, research shows that some platforms perform better for brands across industries than others. The “2016 Social Media Industry Index” from TrackMaven has determined that the engagement ratio for brands was 10 times higher on Instagram than Facebook during the first half of 2016.

The average interactions per post for every set of 1,000 followers on Instagram was 70 in January 2016. However, this number dropped to about 50 in June 2016. The researchers speculate that this is because of new features, such as a ranking algorithm that places certain posts above others on Instagram users’ news feeds.

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Between January 2016 and June 2016, the average monthly posting frequency of marketers remained consistent across all four observed social networks – Twitter (~450 posts), Facebook (~200 posts), Instagram (~150 posts), and LinkedIn (~100 posts).

Marketers Struggle to Prove the Value of Social Media

Previous data indicates that marketers are focusing more on social media, but they still face many challenges. The “2016 State of Social Marketing” report from Simply Measured found that 63 percent of marketing organizations now have social media teams. This is a 49 percent increase from one year ago.

However, obstacles still remain, such as proving ROI. About 61 percent said that this is their top challenge, and only 9 percent claimed that they could quantify revenue driven by their social media work. Tying social to business goals (33 percent) and tracking results (27 percent) are also primary challenges for marketers, according to the report.

Approximately 56 percent of marketers claim that they use engagement metrics to gauge their social media success.

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