B2B Marketers Struggling to Deliver a Great Customer Experience Due to Internal Challenges

B2B marketers are still working to provide a top-notch customer experience (CX), but research shows several barriers stand in the way.

The “B2B Customer Experience Benchmark Report” from Kapost discovered that just 12 percent of marketers believe they are “very effective” at delivering a great customer experience. Inefficient internal processes, poor metric tracking and reporting, and a lack of internal team alignment were named the top obstacles.

About 85 percent of B2B marketers agree that consistency across content, teams and channels is the backbone of an effective customer experience. However, 36 percent claim that there are often missed hand-offs between internal teams that lead to delays in execution. Thirty-four percent stated that they do not have an established feedback loop around shared objectives and data exchange.

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Nearly half of B2B marketers (43 percent) said that they do not have a documented strategy in place for delivering a consistent CX. Fifty-three percent claimed that their marketing team is not tightly aligned when it comes to shared business objectives.

Marketers Remain Confident in Providing a Better CX

Although marketers are struggling to provide a better customer experience, research shows that they are hopeful they will eventually achieve this goal. The “Making Personalization Possible” report from the CMO Council discovered that 75 percent of marketers are “hopefully optimistic” or “totally confident” that their personalization efforts will yield the impact they expect.

Additionally, 68 percent are planning to optimize the customer experience through better client data, insights and analytics in the future.

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Scott Stone — Scott Stone, Advertising & E-Business Manager, Cisco Eagle

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