Just 53% of Organizations Claim to Have Internal-External Brand Alignment

Despite the fact that organizations are invested in the reputation of their businesses, research shows that there is a major disconnect between the internal organizational brand culture and their customer-facing brand values.

The “Brand Experience Survey 2016” conducted by Brandworkz and CIM discovered that just 53 percent of respondents believe internal-external brand alignment is present in their workplace.

More than three-quarters of marketers believe their organization’s employees care about what customers think of their company. However, just 17 percent enable all employees to look for ways to improve the customer experience.

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Two-thirds of respondents believe that teams outside of marketing have limited clarity of their role in delivering a positive brand experience. Additionally, organizations are not fully educating their employees on how to deliver an optimal customer experience. Just six percent of respondents said their companies are using brand management software.

Marketing to Deliver an Optimal Customer Experience

Research has shown that delivering an optimal customer experience through marketing can pay off. The “2016 State of Marketing” report from Salesforce discovered that high-performing marketing teams are eight times more likely to adopt a customer journey strategy as a part of their business strategy, compared to those who underperform.

Additionally, top-performing marketers are 7.7 times more likely to lead customer experience initiatives. About 72 percent of these individuals intend to increase marketing technology spend within the next two years.

“If we truly put customers at the center of our thinking — considering how we can make any touchpoint delightful — it changes the way we approach applying all the tools available to us as marketers,” said Scott McCorcle, Salesforce Marketing Cloud CEO.

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