Klout for Business to Provide Brands with Insights on Influential Social Media Users

Klout for businessA recent post from Klout announced that the social influence measurement site will now offer Klout for Business to provide analytics that give insights into where and how audiences are interacting with a brand. Businesses will reportedly be able to see how effectively they are engaging the most influential users on social networks and where there is room for improvement.

Klout was originally designed to measure an individual’s influence across social networks based on algorithmic models and the analysis of millions of data points. Klout for Business will act in a similar way but will be able to determine which social users have the strongest influence over a brand. Through tools such as Klout Perks and audience insights, Klout for Business gives users information on which brand influencers will be the most effective at targeting for engagement and sharing brand content. These insights will also show businesses what content is being shared the most to give marketers a better idea of the type of content that is most likely to drive brand awareness and consideration.

According to a statistic from Klout, “Eighty percent of all influencer impressions were made by only six percent of the people on social media.” What this means for marketers is that there is a certain number of highly influential people in relationship with your brand who influence others and should be a target for engagement in order to maximize social spending.

Klout stated that the goals behind the new business tools are to continue helping brands improve their understanding, management, and engagement with digital audiences in the hope of building stronger business-consumer relationships.

Photo courtesy of Klout.com

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