Large Companies Consider Video to be Critical to Their Marketing Message

A Forbes Insights study titled, “Reaching the Right Audience,” has revealed that almost all large companies consider digital video to be a key component of their marketing message or brand.

Approximately 91 percent of companies are using digital video, making it the top form of digital advertising in the given survey. About 76 percent are utilizing rich media, such as images, while 70 percent are using mobile in-app ads. As a result, about 46 percent of companies always validate that their digital video campaigns are reaching their target audience.

Forbes Survey

“Clearly, companies are investing in digital as a way to add real value to their campaigns,” wrote the authors of the report.

About 79 percent said that they work with publishers to ensure that they are targeting their audience with relevant content.

Digital Marketing and Small Business

Although large companies are finding success with digital marketing, the small business industry appears to be lagging in this area. A survey conducted by Clutch, a research firm, found that only half of small businesses will allocate 20 percent of their marketing budgets to digital initiatives this year.

“We find a lot of our small to mid-sized clients need a lot of education as to why we do what we do, what they should expect from it, and how it works,” said Joseph Cahill, chief strategy officer at internet marketing firm Straight North.

About 25 percent of small businesses said they were unlikely to focus on search engine optimization in 2015. Forty-two percent said they weren’t likely going to use online advertising tools, such as GoogleAdwords.

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