Majority of B2B Marketers Use Marketing Automation with Multiple Strategies in Mind

Leads According to Bislr’s “2014 B2B Marketing Automation Report,” the majority of B2B marketers are using marketing automation technologies to realize a variety of business benefits, with nearly two thirds (64%) of those surveyed indicating that the ability to generate a greater number and better quality of leads is most significant.

Other benefits cited by B2B marketers include the ability to improve marketing productivity (48%), improve conversion rates (39%), improve response and engagement rates (37.7%), and improve segment targeting (33.8%).

Marketing automation not only generates more and higher quality leads for B2B marketers, it can also greatly assist in the lead nurturing process as well. Nancy Simeone, managing editor for Marketing Weekly, said in a recent press release, “Automating lead nurturing is still a new concept to many marketers. Today’s software options make it easier to develop and implement a strategy that keeps your brand top of mind, no matter how long the sales cycle.”

Marketing automation seems to be a hot topic heading into 2014 as the data shows 53% of the B2B marketing audience is actively using marketing automation technologies, while an additional 17% are in the process of evaluating or considering implementation.

The majority of B2B marketers are looking towards marketing automation technologies to assist in driving more and higher quality leads, improve marketing productivity, improve conversion rates, and more according to Bislr’s data.

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