Marketers At Risk of Losing Credibility Due to Poor Personalization

Marketers have begun to shift their focus toward the personalization of their content. Now, new research suggests that they may need to tread carefully, as more customers shy away from inaccurate personalization.

Moveable Ink recently conducted its “Audience of One: Consumer Expectations and the Power of Personalization” report, and statistics showed that companies lose credibility among the majority of customers (28%) due to inaccurate personalization. About 27% of customers typically call the business to explain the experience, while 26% unsubscribe from marketing emails. Nearly 15% say that they cancel their service or decide not to purchase from the business again.

Most respondents (78%) claim that they trust in companies that provide a consistent customer experience. The same percentage value helpful customer service, and 54% place emphasis on a personalized customer experience or relevant communication.

B2B Marketers and the Customer Experience

As the customer experience continues to grow in importance, previous research indicates that B2B marketers, in particular, are struggling to maintain it.

B2B International published its “2021 B2B Marketing Monitor” report, and data showed that providing an excellent experience throughout the customer lifecycle remains a top challenge for B2B marketers. Additional obstacles include building/strengthening customer relationships in a digital world, and leveraging data to inform more efficient and optimized marketing program.

In the first quarter of 2021, nearly 81% of marketers said that they expected personalized marketing to be an influential factor in their overall strategy. This is an increase from the 65% who said the same in the fourth quarter of 2019.

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