Marketers Continue to Find Benefits In Leveraging Video Content

Many marketers began to recognize the value of video content in 2020, and new research suggests that they are now leveraging it to achieve a wide array of objectives.

MotionCue recently published its “Video Marketing Statistics 2021: Navigating Through Change,” and statistics showed that 78% of marketers believe video helped them get new customers in 2020. About 76% of businesses that used video said that it showed positive ROI in their marketing efforts, and 85% of marketers believe that video will play an important role in marketing in the coming years.

As of this year, the majority of marketers (70%) said that video content showed a positive return-on-investment. Twenty-eight percent said that it helps them build awareness, while 24% claimed that it helps them explain products. Eighteen percent directly attributed videos to an increase in sales.

Marketers and Video Content Effectiveness

Despite the benefits of video content, previous research indicates that many marketers still only have basic video effectiveness measures in place.

Vidyard conducted its “2021 Video Benchmark Report,” and data suggested that most marketers (34%) only have “basic” video content effectiveness measures in use. Nearly 32% claimed that they have “intermediate” video content effectiveness measures in place, while 27% admitted they have nothing at all.

Nearly 65% of marketers noted the importance of accessing video-viewing data to qualify leads, engage prospects, and influence deals. In 2020, approximately 73% of organizations claimed that they’re using some form of video analytics.

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