Marketers Continue to Use First-Party Data for Retargeting Purposes

Marketers now turn to data and analytics to get a clearer picture of their target audience, but how are they integrating this information into their overall strategy?

Katana recently wanted to determine how marketers’ use of data was helping their efforts to achieve top objectives. Researchers conducted a survey of B2B marketers to better understand their first-party data collection methods, management, and implementation. They discovered that 80 percent of B2B marketers now collect and incorporate first-party data in their marketing efforts.

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Typically, most marketers (88 percent) use first-party data for retargeting purposes. This was followed by email (60 percent), banners (60 percent), and mobile (51 percent).

“These results show that there may be a knowledge gap and a missed opportunity to build omnichannel targeting into client campaigns,” wrote Sutheshna Mani, content marketing and social media specialist at Katana. “It’s best practice to layer first-party data into all targeting tactics and not just a siloed line item in a media plan for ‘retargeting’ efforts.”

For their overall digital marketing efforts, 28 percent of respondents claimed they leverage first-party data across all channels.

Improving Data Quality for More Marketing Success

Marketers now have an abundance of data at their fingertips, but previous research suggests that they still have a long way to go in terms of quality.

According to the “Marketing Data Quality Trends” report from Ascend2, most marketers (62 percent) agree that improving data quality is essential to developing a successful marketing data strategy.

This is followed by improving marketing data analytics (45 percent), integrating sales and marketing data (44 percent) and improving the user experience (43 percent).


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