Marketers Expect to Grow their Investment in Content Marketing in 2016

As marketers see the benefits of publishing and promoting content, more professionals expect it to become a larger part of their plan in 2016. Research conducted by Marketwired indicates that 79 percent of marketing and public relations professionals already have a content marketing program in place, and the majority (64 percent) intend to increase their efforts in the coming year.

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About 22 percent of respondents said that they are at least going to maintain the efforts they are currently putting into content marketing. “While building a content strategy isn’t quick or simple, our respondents see it as a must-have for 2016,” said Sanjay Kulkami, vice president of Product and Marketing at Marketwired. “They recognize the opportunities in front of them by having a plan in place.”

To amplify their efforts, reach new audiences and increase engagement, 61 percent of respondents consult influencers and brand advocates. Blog posts (55 percent), photos (29 percent) and news releases (24 percent) are the most commonly produced pieces of content. About 77 percent stated that they believe in the importance of measuring their content efforts.

The Expanding Investment in B2B Content Marketing

B2B marketers have already been planning to increase their long-term investment in content marketing, according to previous research. A report published by Euromoney Institutional Investor in October 2015 found that by the end of the year, companies around the globe will have spent $100 billion on content marketing. This number could triple within the next three years as a result of growing investments.

However, marketers are still struggling to target their content marketing efforts toward the right prospects. Approximately 35 percent said they “don’t really know what content their audience is interested in,” highlighting room for improvement in 2016.

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