Survey: Marketers Failing to Consider Own Behavior When Allocating Budget

Research shows that marketers who make purchasing decisions tend to consume an abundance of content before buying a solution. However, it appears they do not take this into account when devising their own marketing strategies.

The “How Marketers Create and Consume Content” survey conducted by NewsCred revealed that 64 percent of content consumers, who also work in marketing, review non-branded unbiased content prior to carrying out a purchase. Even so, just 27 percent of marketers say they use their budget to develop insightful content.

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A large portion of marketers (45 percent) are still spending most of their money on traditional advertising, despite frequently turning to content as consumers themselves.

“We, as marketers, know what works to connect with our audience and grow our brands – and we know what resonates for ourselves as consumers as well. It’s time to reconcile the two so that we can further allocate resources to channels that our audiences care about, and that will continue to drive real business results,” said Alicianne Rand, VP of Marketing, NewsCred.

Only 5 percent of respondents said that traditional advertising yields the highest ROI out of their marketing initiatives.

B2B Marketers Anticipate the Decline of Traditional Tactics

Research indicates that B2B marketers have been driving more revenue from non-traditional tactics, and they anticipate this trend to continue.

The “2015 Business Information Survey” conducted by Connectiv discovered that by 2020, nearly 21 percent of all B2B media and information company revenue will come from digital resources. About 23 percent will be derived from paid content and data products.

Organizations that anticipate less income to come from print assets believe that only 18 percent of their revenue will be attributable to these resources by 2020.

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