Marketers Are Seeing an Increase in Email Marketing Performance

New research suggests that despite previous struggles, marketers are now finding more success with email marketing than they did in the past.

The “2017 State of Email Marketing Survey” from Ascend2 recently discovered that 44 percent of marketers believe their email marketing performance has increased significantly. About 35 percent believe that it has increased at least marginally.

In terms of achieving top objectives, the majority of marketers (50 percent) believe that they are at least “somewhat successful” with email marketing. Forty percent of respondents claim that they have been “very successful.”

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When it comes to strategy, most respondents (50 percent) claimed that message personalization was the most effective tactic, followed by utilizing meaningful calls-to-action (38 percent). List data segmentation (37 percent), testing and optimization (35 percent) and social sharing (33 percent) have also been effective for email marketers.

How Marketers are Using Email as a Channel

Research shows that although marketers were using email marketing as a tactic in the past, they were struggling with certain optimizations, such as personalization.

The “Elevate Your Email Marketing with a Customized Approach” report from SendGrid and Forrester discovered that 82 percent of marketers use email, making it the most commonly used marketing channel. However, the most commonly sent types of email were those that aligned with the brand’s promotional schedule.

This indicated that most emails were not being tailored to how customers interacted with the business. Sixty-three percent of marketers claimed they send promotional emails and newsletters, neither of which are typically personalized.

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