Survey: 37 Percent of Marketers Integrating Agile Approach

Research shows that the majority of marketers are still taking a traditional approach when it comes to their strategies. However, a growing number of them are leaning toward a more agile approach as time goes on.

Agile Sherpas and Kapost recently conducted the “State of Agile Marketing 2018” to determine how many marketers have adopted agile principles and what it looks like for them. Statistics showed that 40.3 percent still take a traditional approach to marketing, but 36.7 percent opt for an agile approach. This means that they are overall more flexible with their plans and use tools, such as backlogs and daily standups.

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Roughly 80 percent of those who claimed to have an agile team said they were satisfied with how their teams manage work. Only about 44 percent of traditional teams said the same.

For the remainder of 2018, the majority of marketers (53.3 percent) claimed that producing higher quality work is their top priority. About 44.8 percent said that prioritizing their most important work was their main concern, while 39.5 percent are focused on increasing the overall efficiency of their marketing team.

The Adoption of Agile Marketing Tactics

This is not the first report to suggest that marketers are taking a more agile approach to their strategy.

Last year, the “Future of Marketing” report from Forbes Insights and Aprimo found that 29 percent of respondents “strongly agree” that their companies fully embrace marketing agility. At the time, however, there was still work that needed to be done in terms of adopting this style of marketing.

Approximately 74 percent said that the agility of marketing operations is a challenge. Just 23 percent of respondents considered themselves “highly successful” when it came to agile marketing.

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