Marketers Looking to Technology to Improve Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction survey on a digital tabletA new study conducted by Econsultancy and Teradata shows senior marketers are looking to technology to improve customer satisfaction. The research indicates that as of September 2014, approximately 62 percent of marketers want to buy new technology to increase customer satisfaction.

About 59 percent of survey respondents looking to technology said that they want to use it to increase retention, while 55 percent want to invest in order to provide a better customer experience. Only 25 percent said that they would invest in new technology to reduce the cost of marketing. The report was based on responses gathered from 402 marketers at companies that have more than $500 million in revenue.

B2B Marketing and Technology

As more enterprises look to purchase technology, additional research indicates that there are typically seven marketing executives involved in buying decisions at B2B companies in the U.S. This information comes from research conducted by Text100, a global communications company. The research looked at responses from 1,902 respondents around the world. The U.S. average of seven was above the global average of six.

“Ultimately, decision-makers value the advice they receive from people they know and it these sources of influence that often drive the final purchase decision,” the authors of the study wrote. “Today, decision-makers take more time to use more resources to justify their purchase. Fundamentally, however, it is basic information, such as cost, that is most important and it is case studies and testimonials that really help to visualize and validate their choices.”

In China and the U.S., researchers also found that there were more managing directors, CEOs and business owners involved in the technology purchase decision. The authors of the study believe this indicates a need for more business-focused content.

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