Marketers Lack the Resources for Developing Mobile Strategies

Forrester research As mobile device adoption continues at a rapid pace, marketers remain hindered by a limited understanding of how to develop an effective mobile strategy, reported a recent Forrester study. The study revealed that marketers are lagging behind fast-paced mobile audiences due to difficulties establishing a mobile marketing strategy that successfully lines up with the organization’s other marketing channels.

According to the Forrester study, 45% of organizations rely on a mobile marketing specialist agency for help in navigating an effective mobile strategy, but Forrester reported that these agencies focus mainly on execution as opposed to creating the foundations for a mobile strategy model. The report indicates that relying on the expertise of outside agencies can be an effective tool; the disconnect lies in the absence of a full-time employee at the organization who is responsible for understanding how to approach, analyze, and drive mobile marketing initiatives that can then be relayed to the agency.

An article from ChannelNomics reported that IBM is seizing the mobile opportunity by releasing tools that will help mobile employees design and develop the foundational applications and strategies for mobile marketing that can then be executed by an agency. IBM believes that “mobility is a foundational element to future business technology interactions between vendors, solution providers, and end users.”

In order for marketers to see long-term success from mobile they must start at the bottom by developing a strategy that can be executed by in-house teams or outside agencies.

Photo courtesy of Forrester Research

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