69% of Marketers Rely on MarTech to Increase Marketing ROI

More marketers are turning to marketing technology (martech) to achieve their top objectives and they are finding success by implementing these solutions.

The “Marketing Technology ROI Survey” from Ascend2 recently found that the majority of marketers (69 percent) turn to martech to increase their marketing ROI. Forty-eight percent do so to improve marketing efficiency, while 40 percent utilize martech to improve decision-making.

About half of the respondents (52 percent) claimed that they have been “very successful” at achieving their most important objectives with martech. Forty percent have been at least “somewhat successful.”

When it comes to the features of martech, 50 percent of marketers said that analytics/predictive modeling typically helps increase ROI. This was followed by data management features (45 percent) and marketing management features (38 percent).

But overall, martech appears to be having a notable impact on ROI, according to the report. Fifty-two percent of marketers surveyed claimed that the ROI of martech is “increasing significantly.”

Martech for Content Marketing Measurement

Previously, marketers said that they would be willing to invest in martech if it helped them evaluate ROI. The “Future of Content” report from Rapt Media discovered that 98 percent of marketers would invest in content technology, specifically, if it addressed their measurement concerns.

“To prove that content is effective, it has to be measured in a way that shows how it truly engaged and resonated with audiences,” said Erika Trautman, founder and CEO of Rapt Media. “Creating one-size-fits-all content and distributing it across different channels doesn’t accomplish personalization, and it is no longer a viable strategy for creating meaningful connections.”

At the time, 60 percent of marketers said they were unable to measure the ROI of the content they created, highlighting a potential need for marketing technology.

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