Marketers See Positive Results from Segmenting Email Marketing Campaigns

As marketers turn to email to reach their target audiences, new data suggests that email segmenting can yield more positive results.

MailChimp recently published statistics on how email marketing campaigns perform when marketers use list segmentation tools. These resources allow marketers to target campaigns toward specific audiences based on what they know about their preferences.

The research showed that the open rate was 14.31 percent higher for segmented campaigns versus non-segmented campaigns. Unique opens were also 10.64 percent higher for segmented campaigns in comparison to their counterparts.

Email Segmentation

When email marketers segmented their campaigns according to their recipients’ interests, open rates were 9.92 percent higher. Marketers also saw a 10.44 percent increase in open rates when they segmented their campaigns to target subscribers based on their activity level.

“Open and clicks rates were up across the board in all segmentation scenarios that we’ve investigated,” said the MailChimp researchers. “Similarly, targeting subscribers via some type of identifying merge value—like interest, job title, location, etc.—helped keep abuse and unsubscribe rates down.”

Marketers Shift Their Focus to Email Marketing

Looking ahead to the remainder of 2017, marketers are expected to focus on email as a primary tactic.

A study published by True Influence in January 2017 looked at the online research data of marketers, and found 5.57 million intent signals related to “marketing email.” This topped the list of keyword signals identified by True Influence.

The researchers speculated that email marketing was seeing increased interest because marketers are feeling more pressure to reach the right audiences with a limited budget.

Other popular intent signals were “online video marketing” (5.52 million), “marketing management software” (988K) and “marketing automation” (441K).

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