Marketers See Potential in Cross-Channel Marketing for 2018

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As marketers look ahead to 2018, they are seeing more potential in areas such as cross-channel marketing, but they still face several obstacles in terms of achieving their goals.

Bates Creative recently surveyed marketers who attended the American Marketing Association’s annual conference to gauge their outlook for 2018. More than one-quarter of respondents stated that they see cross-channel marketing as their largest opportunity in the coming year. While 42 percent said their company does not provide a consistent cross-channel customer experience, they believe now is the perfect time to turn this challenge into an opportunity.

In 2018, the majority of respondents (almost one-third) expect traffic and lead generation to be their largest obstacle. This is despite the fact that 79 percent believe they are in tune with their target audience’s wants, needs, and interests.

“The core obstacle in developing a positive connection with an organization’s target audience is the underlying brand perception of their organization,” says Rich Young, vice president of business development at Bates Creative.

Lead Generation and Content Marketing Success

Lead generation may be one of marketers’ largest obstacles, but it is also one of the most critical for measuring content marketing success, according to previous research.

The “Content Marketing and Distribution: From a Leadership Perspective” report from recently shed light on the most useful tactics for gauging success in content marketing. The majority of respondents cited lead generation/nurturing (55 percent).

This was followed by customer engagement (52 percent), website traffic (46 percent) and ROI (36 percent).

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