Marketers Set to Invest More in MarTech in 2018

A new report has found that in 2017, marketers frequently turned to marketing technology to achieve their objectives, and the trend is likely to continue into the new year.

The “2018 Stats on Strategy, Technology Spend, and Success” report from Conductor recently discovered that over the past year, 43 percent of marketers were using between six and 10 different martech solutions, such as automation, social tracking and SEO tools.

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This year, 80 percent of marketing executives introduced between one and five new technologies. At the moment, about 28 percent of respondents spend more than $100,000 on martech.

In the coming year, these investments are not expected to slow down. About one-third of marketing executives (30 percent) intend on spending between 11 and 25 percent more on marketing technology. Twenty-four percent will spend between one and 10 percent more in 2018.

Investing in MarTech to Achieve Top Objectives

Previous research has shown that marketers turn to martech for a number of reasons, and best-in-class marketers believe it is successful in achieving key objectives.

The “Marketing Technology ROI Survey” from Ascend2 found that the majority of marketers (69 percent) turn to martech to increase their overall ROI. Approximately 48 percent do so to improve their marketing efficiency, while 40 percent use it to enhance their decision-making.

When it comes to the best-in-class marketers, 52 percent claim that martech is “very successful” in helping them achieve their top objectives. Those who are above-average performers believe that martech is at least “somewhat successful” in helping them reach their goals.

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