Survey: Marketers Use an Average of 5 Different Marketing and Media Tools

As marketing resources continue to grow in availability, industry professionals are utilizing multiple tools to achieve their objectives. However, some marketers are finding it difficult to access these resources.

A survey conducted by SteelHouse found that marketers use an average of five different marketing and media tools. Many are expanding their use of existing tools for site analytics (84 percent), marketing performance measurement (82 percent), and content marketing asset management (80 percent).

Additionally, almost 50 percent of respondents said that they were working with at least three different vendors to purchase digital media, such social media ads and video ads.

Marketers said that they use an average of four types of digital marketing media – display banner ads (77 percent), social media ads (89 percent), mobile banner ads (73 percent), and video ads (65 percent). About 42 percent said they are unable to optimize the vendor management process.

Finding Value in Marketing Analytics Tools

Despite the difficulty that can come with using a wide array of digital marketing tools, previous research shows that marketers are still dedicated to using them, specifically for analytics.

The “2016 State of Analytics” report from Amplitude showed that 60 percent of marketers use two or more analytics tools at any given time. About 86 percent said that analytics are “extremely important” in driving business decisions.

Through the use of analytics resources, 73 percent of marketers stated that they would like to learn how to increase engagement or retention. Approximately 90 percent use out-of-the-box tools, while one percent uses in-house analytics tools.

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