Marketing Executives’ Commitment to Visuals Shows No Signs of Slowing Down

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According to a white paper published by the CMO Council in August 2015, marketing executives have become increasingly reliant on visual assets for telling the story of their brand and capturing the attention of their customers.

About 65 percent of respondents said that photos, video and illustrations are essential to communicating their company story. Furthermore, the data shows that a majority of marketing executives believe visual assets will only grow in importance in the future. Fifty percent said they see this happening with photography, 60 percent cited infographics and 79 percent said video.

“Seeing is believing, or at least this is what senior marketing executives note about their customers when it comes to content consumption and engagement,” wrote the authors of the report.

Nearly 52 percent of respondents said that video is already important to their storytelling efforts. About 36 percent say it’s critical to their visual marketing strategy.

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The Move Toward Video

The “Online and Social Video Marketing Study” released by Animoto back in May 2015 showed that video was already more popular among consumers than text. In fact, four times as many customers said they would rather watch a video about a product than read about it.

One-fourth of consumers claim that they lose interest in a business that does not integrate video into its content marketing strategy. Furthermore, 56 percent of customers said that they believe companies should provide video if they already have a functioning website.

These findings, paired with those from the CMO Council, highlight the growing customer expectations and marketing executives’ commitment to visuals.

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