Report: Most Enterprise Marketers Would Only Rate Voice-of-the-Customer Programs as ‘Somewhat Successful’

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Many enterprise companies have Voice-of-the-Customer (VoC) programs in place to enhance the overall customers experience. However, new research suggests that marketers at these companies are struggling to implement VoC programs, and as a result, they are not seeing as much success.

The XM Institute recently published “The State of Voice of the Customer Programs, 2019” report, and statistics showed that most enterprise marketers (48 percent) would only rate their VoC program as “somewhat successful.” Out of those who are leaders in executing a VoC program, 83 percent report operating successful VoC strategies.


In terms of the obstacles associated with improving VoC programs, most respondents (60 percent) cited integration across systems. This was followed by cooperation across the organization (57 percent), clear ROI from VoC efforts (51 percent) and staffing levels (42 percent).

Offering ‘Excellent Customer Service’ Remains Important to Marketers

While a strong VoC program may help when it comes to resonating with customers, previous research suggests that simply offering good service can be an effective way to stand out from the pack.

Bynder published the “State of Branding 2019” and discovered that the majority of marketers (29.9 percent) believe that “excellent customer service” is the key to standing out among competitors and engaging with customers, surpassing even the product itself or the quality of brand campaigns.

In addition, 15.6 percent cited personalization as a top way to stand out. Most respondents (47.5 percent) said they are “very confident” or at least “somewhat confident” in their brand’s ability to create personalized customer experiences.

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