Measuring ROI of Social Media Marketing Still a Pain Point

Marketers are increasingly utilizing social media marketing – and specifically Facebook – to reach out to their target audience. However, not all of them are confident in the ROI of their efforts.

Recently, Social Media Examiner conducted the “2018 Social Media Marketing Industry Report” to determine which social networks marketers are turning to most frequently to achieve their primary objectives.

According to the statistics, 38 percent of respondents said they were uncertain whether they could measure the ROI of their social media efforts. Forty-four percent agreed (or strongly agreed) that they were able to measure their ROI. While most companies resorting to using a tried-tested and proven facebook agency such as King Kong Facebook Marketing, it’s no surprise that many companies still choose to go it alone. But, going alone can be difficult, and it’s no surprise that marketers struggle to identify their ROI potential.

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Out of all of the social networks utilized for marketing, 94 percent of marketers claimed that they were using Facebook to reach out to their target audience. Two-thirds said it was their most important social platform.

However, only 49 percent said that they felt their Facebook marketing efforts were effective. Fifty-two percent stated that they saw declines in their organic Facebook reach in 2017.

Marketers’ Organic Reach Continues to Decline on Facebook

This is not the first report to document marketers’ struggles with Facebook. Buffer and Social Media Week conducted the “State of Social 2018” report earlier this year, which discovered that 31 percent of marketers have seen their organic reach on Facebook decline over the past 12 months.

That being said, 96 percent of marketers still said that their company actively uses the social media platform. Nearly 70 percent stated that they post video content on Facebook.

Twenty-nine percent of respondents said that their social media marketing efforts were “very effective,” while 45 percent claimed that they were at least “somewhat effective.”

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