Mobile Ad Guidelines Could Simplify Integration & Development for B2B Marketers

mobile-appAccording to a release from the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB), a new set of mobile ad development guidelines could simplify integration of mobile ads into B2B marketing campaigns. The “Mobile Phone Creative Guidelines” were reportedly developed to increase mobile ad adoption by providing marketers with an easy, effective, and convenient process of development.

In partnership with Mobile Marketing Association (MMA), IAB developed the guidelines as a supplement to MMA’s Universal Mobile Ad Packages, which offers marketers directives for consistent mobile ad development and buying and selling mobile ads. According to IAB, the guidelines provide information on areas of mobile such as data connections (WIFI, 3G, 4G, etc.), carrier plans, and “the impact of the reduced processing power inherent in mobile devices for file load size and web display.” These features could reportedly benefit both marketers and media companies in intuitively creating a mobile ad campaign that ensures a positive audience experience.

Michael Becker, Managing Director, MMA said, “To fully harness the power of mobile, it is imperative to make mobile easier to adopt and integrate within the broader marketing mix. Under the new guidelines, we aim to evolve UMAP by providing creatives with the kind of clarity and uniformity that is necessary to develop dynamic consumer engagement via mobile.”

MMA and IAB reported that even as mobile technologies continue to evolve these guidelines will still act as a foundation for marketers to build on. For B2B marketers, these simplified guidelines could open up mobile as an advertising platform that is within reach as far as comprehension, design, and execution.


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