More Marketers Turning to Email to Enhance Content Marketing Strategies

As marketers look to expand upon their content marketing strategies, new research suggests that they are turning to email even more to boost performance.

Ascend2 recently published the results of its “Email-Driven Content Marketing Survey” and discovered that the majority of marketers (35 percent) are already acting on developing an email-driven content marketing strategy. Thirty-four percent have already done it, while 25 percent are at least talking about it.

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By utilizing an email-driven content marketing strategy, most marketers (54 percent) hope to improve the quality of their leads. Forty-nine percent would like to improve conversion rates, while the same percentage would like to increase leads/subscribers.

Fifty-four percent of the best-in-class marketers said that their email-driven content marketing strategy has been successful at achieving their top priorities. Forty-one percent claim that they have been at least somewhat successful.

Satisfying Customers Through Content Marketing

Marketers are continuously looking for new ways to appease their customers, and previous research suggests that they are attempting to do so more frequently through content marketing.

Meyocks recently surveyed a group of customers for its “The Case for Mentor Branding” white paper and found that 90 percent of customers believe marketers should provide value-added information. About 77 percent believe they should receive information on how to get the most out of their product, while 73 percent expect instruction on different ways to use their product.

Nearly 58 percent would appreciate tools to help them make better choices.

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Scott Stone — Scott Stone, Advertising & E-Business Manager, Cisco Eagle

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