Most B2B Marketers ‘Strongly Agree’ in Delivering a Seamless, Consistent Customer Experience

As B2B marketing programs look to deliver a more consistent customer experience, new research shows that most agree that it’s becoming a critical differentiator for the company.

Lean Data recently published “The State of Revenue Operations” report, looking back on how the customer experience shaped B2B marketers’ work back in all of 2019. Statistics showed that the majority of respondents (59.27%) “strongly agreed” that the ability to deliver a consistent, seamless customer experience across the buyer’s journey is becoming a critical differentiator and revenue driver.


Most respondents (46.41%) also “strongly agreed” that sales, marketing and customer success teams all share ownership for revenue growth at their company. However, the majority (27.26%) said that they “somewhat disagree” that these teams are well integrated and aligned to achieve these goals.

Sales and Marketing Team Alignment

Sales and marketing teams often share common goals, but according to previous research, they aren’t always on the same page about how to achieve their objectives.

Sojourn Solutions and Econsultancy conducted the “2019 Marketing Operations Maturity Benchmarking Report,” and data suggested that the majority of top-performing marketers (41%) “mostly” align with sales on financial objectives, organizational structure and customer success.

However, 45% of all marketers claim that they only “somewhat” align with their sales counterparts on financial objectives organizational structure and customer success, or state that they do not align at all.

Only 23% of all marketers claimed that they were “fully” aligned and worked collaboratively with key stakeholders across their organization.

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