Moz Survey: Analytics and Content Marketing In Demand for 2015

Analytics and content creation are the two top services requested by today’s online marketers, a new survey by Moz found. More than 3,600 online marketing professionals (an even mix of in-house and agency marketers) participated in Moz’s “2015 Online Marketing Industry Survey.”

Other in-demand services for 2015 include conversion rate optimization, brand strategy and social media marketing.

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The study also looked at the top tools for various areas of the industry (SEO, content, social) and analyzed where marketers were spending most of their time. The core functions of online marketing (analytics, keyword research, site audits) remain the most time-consuming activities for marketers. Content creation and social media marketing, both of which are influenced by the top three activities, rounded out the top five.

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Content Marketing Remains Key Area of Focus

Content marketing continues to be an integral part of the industry with 85 percent of marketers reporting direct involvement in it.

This jives with other industry analysis. For example, a Content Marketing Institute survey found 70 percent of B2B marketers were creating more content than the year before.  Additionally, a PulsePoint and Digiday report from earlier this year found content marketing budgets were growing by 59 percent in 2015.

Marketers Favor Google Tools

According to the Moz survey, Google Analytics was (by a great margin) the most used analytics tool with 91 percent of respondents using it. The second most used analytics tool – Crazy Egg – garnered 23 percent.

Google’s other search tools, including Google Alerts, Google Trends, Google Webmaster Tools (now known as Search Console) and Google Keyword Planner, also ranked first as SEO and content tools.

Facebook Insights, Hootsuite and newcomer Twitter Analytics ranked in the top 3 for social tools.

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“It’s clear that our job as online marketers is becoming more diverse, more challenging, and more strategic. We have to have a command of a wide array of tools and tactics, and that’s not going to slow down anytime soon,” Dr. Peter J. Meyers of Moz wrote. “On the bright side, companies are more aware of what we do, and they’re more willing to spend the money to have it done.”

Moz made available for download the raw data from the survey. All screenshots from Moz.

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