Multiple Media Convergence in Search Engine Results Increases Brand Awareness by 30 Percent

According to the results of a recent study released by SEO company, Conductor Inc., the use of converged media to gain multiple placements in search rankings has a significant impact on brand awareness and purchase consideration. For companies using PPC in search engine shopping, the study indicates that they will experience up to a 30 percent lift in brand awareness when the product placement appears in universal results.

The data obtained by Conductor Inc. is based off of the responses from five groups of 250 individuals, who were asked to enter “buy refrigerator” into a search bar in a Conductor Inc. domain. The five groups were separated based on refrigerator brand categorization on the results page: above the fold (the top half of the results page), below the fold (the bottom half of the results page), above the fold and in universal search results (social mentions, news, images, etc.), above the fold in pay per click, and the control group, which saw no brand in the results. The differences in refrigerator brand categorization were testing for consumer brand awareness, perception of quality, purchase consideration, and intent to purchase based on where a brand appeared.

The results revealed that brands saw the highest consumer interaction and traffic when they appeared above the fold and in universal (blended) search results. Brand awareness increased by 30 percent and intent to purchase increased by 20 percent when results appeared across multiple search placements, but neither saw any increase when found below the fold.

According to Conductor Inc., these results are applicable to both retailers and manufacturers who have historically relied on television, print ads, organic search, and online banner ads to promote their products. Conductor Inc. stated that this data suggests a direct correlation between the media convergence of search results and site traffic and should be seriously considered as a valuable medium for marketers.

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