Nearly Half of B2B Buyers Prefer Purchasing From B2C Websites

A recent study by Accenture as covered by showcases an interesting insight into B2B buyers’ behavior: almost half (49%) said that they preferred to buy for their business on a B2C website (like

Because of this, Accenture reports that B2B businesses are looking to implement or improve their existing e-commerce website in order to entice more buyers. Of those surveyed, 59% of B2B sellers reported that they are either currently improving or building their e-commerce site, whereas an additional 24% were planning on doing so in the next six months.

Almost Half of B2B Buyers Prefer Buying From B2C Websites

Top Website Features

Besides the trust factor, there are many other features that B2B purchasers expect when utilizing an e-commerce website. These included:

  • Enhanced search ability: 60%
  • Ratings and reviews of products: 58%
  • Recommendations of products or services: 50%
  • Direct, instant online forms: 50% preferred this over invoices or purchase orders
  • Integration with back-end systems: 42%
  • Merchandising and recommending relevant products or services: 38%

Barriers to Building Effective B2B E-Commerce Websites

While it’s obvious that B2B buyers are looking for better e-commerce experiences, many B2B product or service providers have cited a few roadblocks that have prevented them from improving their existing e-commerce website or building a new one. Roadblocks mentioned included proper integration with back-end technology, business-wide sharing of customer data and analytics, distribution limits, and channel organization conflict.

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