New Display Benchmarks Tool Aims to Help Marketers Define Campaigns with Industry Benchmarks

Google’s new Display Benchmarks Tool aims to provide marketers with industry benchmarks that can be applied to create more engaging display ad campaigns, according to release.

Marketers can choose from a number of key benchmarks including interaction rate and time, click-through, expansion rate, and video completions, which can then be compared to regions, industry vertical, ad size, ad format, and more. For marketers, the Display Benchmark Tool has the potential to give meaning to the extensive amounts of collected data and build context around this data to understand what these numbers mean for ad campaigns.

In a trial run, DoubleClick identified three examples of prominent user engagement trends to show how data points can be contextually applied to display ad campaign strategies. The data revealed three key findings: 1) that users want to choose how they interact with brands by being allowed to watch or skip an ad, 2) users are more apt to watch aesthetically pleasing and compelling display ads, and 3) ad optimization significantly impacts user clicks and interaction.

Neal Mohan, Google's VP of display, was quoted in an article from AdExchanger saying, "Many companies use our analytics tools – and others – to understand performance of their campaigns and sites. It's much harder, though, to get reliable access to benchmarks for some of the key metrics, like video completion rate or CTR. This is meant to help address that."

The Display Benchmarks Tool intent is to provide marketers with industry benchmarks that in turn better equip them to transform user engagement data into relevant and successful display ad campaigns.

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