New Feature in Google Analytics’ Real-Time Reports Allows Marketers to Track Live Results of Goals

Google Analytics has recently announced an addition to its real-time reports; the new real-time goals report, which allows B2B marketers to track the live results of their campaigns, delivers immediate access to website conversions and goals information that can help marketers act on the results of their marketing initiatives even faster than before.

According to Google Analytics blog, there have been several improvements to the real-time reports over the past year, including profiles, real-time widgets, and understanding segments. The most recent addition allows marketers to “monitor in real-time how many of [their] website visitors are converting and against what goals,” as stated in the blog announcement. Search Engine Watch’s Thom Craver states “Whether your defined goals are page URLs or events if you have set up goals in your Analytics profile, you will now see them in the real-time reports.”

However, with the deluge of information in today’s digital marketing landscape, it remains to be seen whether B2B marketers will be able to leverage the insights available through the new real-time goals reports. In fact, Eloqua’s recent report, Defining the Modern Marketer: From Ideal to Real, indicates, while data is “increasing driving modern marketing, and defining the role of ideal marketer…modern marketers have a long way to go to reach the self-defined status of ‘ideal modern marketer’.”

With Google Analytics’ new real-time goals report comes the opportunity for B2B marketers to track and assess the live results of their campaigns; time will tell if this addition to the marketer’s toolbox proves to be of value to marketers.

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