New Google Acquisitions Reporting Helps B2B Marketers Better Attribute and Track Leads

acqusitionsAccording to a recent announcement on the Google Analytics blog, users now have access to new “Acquisition Reports,” which provide a clear picture of website visitors’ Acquisition-Behavior-Conversion (ABC) cycle, allowing marketers to better attribute and track leads across online channels.

The new “Acquisitions” look will replace the “Traffic Sources” section on the left hand navigation, while offering two new reports, “Acquisition Overview” and “Channels Report.” The new overview report allows user to see which online channels are acquiring the most users, which channels acquire users who engage most with your site and which channels acquire users who result in the most conversions.

The channels report allows users to view traffic acquisition at a higher level of granularity, allowing grouping of similar sources, using rules, into logical buckets called channels. Users will be started with eight channels, which can be customized or added to at their discretion.

Each of these reports will likely address some of the existing lead tracking and nurturing challenges that exist in today’s B2B space. In fact, recent survey results show more than one-third (36%) of respondents report their biggest online marketing challenge is accurately measuring and attributing online conversions to the correct marketing channels.

Caleb Whitmore, Founder & CEO of Analytics Pros, says about the new reporting in the post, “The new Acquisition, Behavior, Conversion approach sharpens the focus for digital analysts on what matters most: how potential customers are acquired, how they behave, what their experience consists of, and last but not least, the outcomes from those behaviors – conversions.”

Thanks to these new reporting features, marketers will be able to better attribute leads and nurture them across a variety of online channels, which is currently one of the biggest challenges for B2B marketers.

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