New YesMail Solution Aims to Simplify Multi-Channel Marketing Campaigns

YesMail, an email marketing software provider, has recently announced the introduction of “YesZone,” a new solution that aims to simplify multi-channel marketing by gathering first and third-party customer data to assist personalized campaign execution.

The new solution combines traditional customer data (transactional, point-of-sale, social and email) with more comprehensive data (behavioral, household, and lifestage), giving the marketer a cross-channel look at customer interactions across all touchpoints. “YesZone facilitates the alignment of analytics, communication strategies and creative,” said Michael Fisher, president of Yesmail Interactive in the company announcement.

Additionally, the cloud-based dashboard, business intelligence and analytics tools allow marketers to create narrow customer segments and the ability to distribute personalized messages through email, social, and mobile channels. This solution could address customer data issues we recently covered which indicated that 37% of marketing executives cite the inability to interpret customer data as their biggest challenge in driving customer insights, with an additional 45% pointing to a lack of sufficient big data analytics capabilities.

Marisa Peacock, contributing author for CMSWire, says in a recent post, “YesZone speaks to the marketer’s need to implement advanced customer analytics in a way that sheds more light into the customer journey without disrupting workflows. Marketers may be bored by attempts to personalize customer messaging, but YesZone breathes new life into the process by providing access to all available customer data so they can coordinate consistently across channels at the right time and with the right message.”

YesMail’s new YesZone solution allows B2B and all other marketers the opportunity to simplify the multi-channel marketing process by integrating traditional and comprehensive customer data across all touch points to deliver personalized messages.

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