Nimble-Traacker Integration Could Assist with B2B Buyer Persona Development

target-marketToday, CRM solution Nimble announced its integration with influencer marketing platform Traacker, a solution that could potentially assist B2B marketers with buyer persona development. The new solution reportedly eliminates the challenge of reconciling siloed solutions to manage marketing programs with discovery, research, engagement, and management happening in different places.

As stated in the Nimble blog announcement, the new solution combines Traacker’s “closed-loop influencer marketing” concept—the process of identifying and building relationships with individuals who have influence over potential buyers—with Nimble’s CRM technology; such a solution “provides users with the ability to perform influencer discovery and tracking, relationship building and nurturing, as well as activating and measuring results.” Specifically, the solution allows users to view influencer profile information in Nimble’s CRM system, centrally manage all email/social communications with the influencer, coordinate influencer engagement across teams and projects, and record key insights about influencers.

With the expansion of technological innovation and digital content consumption, B2B buyer persona development is increasingly becoming a critical component of delivering effective content marketing campaigns across segmented groups. In fact, Ardath Albee, B2B marketing strategist and CEO of Marketing Interactions, writes “It’s next to impossible to develop a content strategy without a keen understanding of the people involved in buying complex B2B product offerings.”

With the launch of Nimble-Traacker’s closed-loop influencer marketing solution comes the opportunity for B2B marketers to more effectively manage the research and development process essential to fostering buyer persona development.

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