One in Five B2B Enterprise Marketers Believe They Run Very Effective Demand Gen Campaigns

Although B2B marketers are integrating B2B demand generation tactics into their strategies, a new study reveals that they still have room for improvement in terms of effectiveness.

The “2016 Enterprise B2B Demand Generation” report from Annuitas found that just 19.5 percent of B2B enterprise marketers believe their demand generation programs and campaigns are “very effective” at achieving their primary goals. The majority (69.9 percent) said that they were “moderately effective.”

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“It indicates that there are still challenges that are preventing a scalable and repeatable approach to demand generation at these organization,” wrote the authors of the report. “In many instances this lack of consistency can be traced to lack of resources, challenges with skill sets at an organization and a lack of overall understanding of strategic demand generation.”

Nearly a quarter of surveyed marketers (23.9 percent) use their generated pipeline as a measure of demand generation campaign success. This is followed by revenue generated (20.4 percent) and net new leads (16.8 percent).

Limited resources (25.2 percent), lack of budget (18 percent), and the absence of a defined strategy (15.3 percent) were the top demand generation challenges for B2B enterprise marketers.

B2B Demand Gen Marketing Struggles of 2015

In the “2015 Enterprise B2B Demand Generation” report from Annuitas, marketers exhibited similar struggles. At the time, only 13 percent said they were effective in executing demand generation strategies.

Nearly 27 percent stated that they did not have the time to review their demand generation key performance indicators on a regular basis.

“Companies are spending millions of dollars on demand generation and content marketing tactics, and for so many to fall short of the desired results is a serious problem,” said Carlos Hidalgo, CEO and Principal of Annuitas.

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