Only 15.3% of Marketers Consistently Recognize their Audiences Across Channels

Marketers often target a wide range of audiences with their content, and new research suggests that many of them struggle to identify their target audiences across various channels.

Winterberry recently published the “Know Your Audience: The Evolution of Identity in a Consumer-Centric Marketplace” white paper and discovered that just 15.3 percent of marketers said they are able to consistently recognize their audiences across channels. However, improvement in this area is a focus.

Over the past 12 months, the majority of marketers (53.5 percent) claim that that they have made it a priority to develop audience insights for segmentation and targeting. About 43.5 percent have focused on email personalization, while 24.7 percent have honed in on offline-to-online targeting.


Over the course of the next year, most marketers (42.4 percent) say that they intend to continue focusing on developing audience insights for segmentation and targeting. Nearly 36.1 percent will hone in on email personalization, and 25.7 percent will take a closer look at location-based targeting.

Capturing the Attention of Prospects and Customers

Marketers have not only struggled with targeting prospects and customers in the past, but keeping the attention of their audience as well, according to previous research.

According to a survey conducted by SurveyMonkey, capturing the attention and trust of buyers is the largest obstacle for 36 percent of marketers. However, there are ways that marketers can break through the noise. For instance, 48 percent of customers say that humorous ads are extremely effective in grabbing their attention.

Seventy-three percent of customers also say that they seek out recommendations from friends and family before making a purchase. Marketers may be able to stand out from the pack by showcasing their most compelling case studies and testimonials up front to prospects and customers.

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