Only 17% of Marketers Say They Have a Fully Customer-First Approach

Despite the fact that more marketers are focused on enhancing the customer experience (CX), new research suggests that their organizations do not have personnel dedicated to achieving this primary objective.

London Research and BlueVenn recently conducted the “Omnichannel Marketing Excellence Report,” and statistics found that just 17% of marketers say they have a fully customer-first approach with a dedicated team and formal responsibility for CX at the executive level. The majority of respondents (31%) said that they have some customer-centric metrics, such as repeat purchase rate and engagement recency, but they are secondary to campaign and channel performance metrics.

A total of 24% of marketers stated that their focus is on campaign and channel performance, and that they do not have a single individual or function responsible for CX.

“Senior level buy-in is not just a vanity consideration, but rather about the practicalities of strategic change management or business transformation – cultural and structural – across the enterprise,” wrote the authors of the report. “Truly omnichannel customer experiences, and the technology and data that underpins them, require cooperation across business functions, including marketing, sales, finance, operations and IT.”

Marketers and Delivering a Better Customer Experience

Although marketers appear to be struggling in terms of providing a more comprehensive CX, previous research indicates that they are working to make improvements sooner rather than later.

UserTesting published its “2020 CX Industry Report,” and data showed that most marketers (60%) agree that their company is customer-centric. A total of 55% stated that their organization is constantly working toward creating a better CX, and 74% say that their company shares values and beliefs for driving a customer-centric culture.

That being said, only 50% of marketers also said that the process of gathering customer feedback was integrated into company processes.

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