Only 49% of Marketers ‘Very Confident’ in the Quality of Customer Data

As more marketers look to personalize the customer experience (CX), new research suggests that they are struggling with harnessing the data they need to do so successfully.

The Harris Poll and RedPoint recently teamed up to conduct the “Revisiting Gaps in Customer Experience” report, and statistics showed that only 49% of marketers are “very confident” in the quality of their customer data. Overall, marketers are struggling the most with inaccurate customer data (39%). This is followed by the difficulty to act on data (35%), and fragmented data (33%).

As a result of these data challenges, only 35% of marketers say that they have been able to execute personalization via their website with “great success.” Within the next 12 months, most marketers (48%) intend to place a greater focus on omnichannel experiences as a part of their CX strategy.

B2B Marketers’ Ongoing Struggle with Data

Previous research indicates that marketers’ struggle with data quality is nothing new. B2B marketers, in particular, are being overwhelmed by the amount of information at their fingertips.

Salesforce published the seventh edition of its “State of Marketing” report, and data suggested that B2B marketers now have an average of 12 sources of data they can tap into at any time. However, just 33% are “completely satisfied” with their ability to generate relevant CX with this information.

About 42% are satisfied with their data’s quality/hygiene, and only 40% find its completeness to be satisfactory. Nearly 78% of high-performing marketers have a customer data platform they can turn to, compared to just 58% of underperformers.

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