Organic Search Remains the Strongest Driver of Traffic to B2B Websites

google-searchOrganic search is still the strongest driver of traffic to B2B websites, in part due to Google’s 90 percent market share within the B2B segment. This is according to a Marketwire press release, which highlights findings from Optify’s “2012 B2B Marketing Benchmark Report.”

Google is responsible for more than 35 percent of all traffic to B2B websites, making it the most important referring domain for marketers.  However, Google has taken to enhance its privacy setting, which now shows 40 percent of all keywords from Google organic search as “not provided.” These steps have forced marketers to build out diversified strategies, including social media. But, the survey results indicate social media is only responsible for 5 percent of all traffic and leads.

Doug Wheeler, CMO of Optify, says in the press release, “Google has long proven to be the uncontested leader in the search market, and as our research shows, that authority will only continue into the foreseeable future. With such a clear domination of search, we believe that marketers should diversify their marketing programs beyond organic search. It will come as no surprise if Google decides to monetize elements of its organic search data such as referring keywords, access to analytics or other, currently free services, leaving marketers no choice but to adhere to its terms.”

Organic search remains the single most important aspect of marketing for B2B SEOs. Google’s dominance in the search space presents marketers with an opportunity to drive traffic through organic search referrals; if done correctly, this tactic can result in massive website growth.

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