Report: Customer Data Critical to Content Marketing Strategies

content-useA new study from the Content Marketing Association found that 91.4 percent of all marketers use customer data in their content marketing strategy.

The study participants were made up of about 52 percent who did both B2B and B2C work, and just under a quarter who did only B2B. These demographics show that no matter the industry, data has a valuable place in content marketing.

How is Customer Data Shaping Your Content Marketing?

According to the CMA, data can be utilized in content marketing strategy to find out not only what a target audience is clicking on and reading, but also optimizing the content based on how they consume content (via mobile or tablet).


Some of the statistics from the graph summary above that stuck out include:

  • 50 percent of all mobile traffic is video
  • By 2017, 87 percent of all connected devices to the internet will be smartphones or tablets.
  • 92 percent of members polled use consumer data as part of their content marketing strategy.

How and Why is Content Shared?

The study also elaborated on a few key points of consumer data, namely how users were accessing content, as well as what types of content they were sharing from businesses’ pages:

What content is shared by page type?

It’s no surprise that editorial content that isn’t self-promotional is the most shared: 27 percent. Other top content types included press and news pages, as well as CSR/charity pages.

When asked why they were sharing specific pages, most users said it provided personal value, while others said it helped them increase their personal brand online by sharing content relevant to their industry.

All images screenshots of aforementioned study. 

H/T to .rising for the initial news about this report.

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