Report: Personalization Remains a Top Marketing Priority and Challenge

Marketers continue to prioritize goals such as content personalization and customer understanding, but new research shows there is a gulf between current needs and capabilities.

The “Customer Recognition: How Marketing is Failing at Its Top Priority” report from Econsultancy, Epsilon and Conversant discovered that 84 percent of marketers describe identifying users, personalizing messaging and measuring impact as “very important to growth.” Additionally, 41 percent of marketers “strongly agree” that their growth depends on communicating with their customers and prospects on an individual level.

However, data also suggests that marketing professionals are struggling to meet these goals.

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Just 14 percent said that they had “strong capabilities” when it comes to identifying users, personalizing messaging and measuring impact. Only 13 percent of marketers claimed that they were “very satisfied” with their ability to tailor messaging according to channel.

Chris Harrison, chief technology officer at Epsilon, explains, “As chief marketing officers invest in more addressable channels like digital, they require partners that understand the holistic issues of customer experience, and what’s truly required to deliver on personalized communications. A one-size-fits-all approach is not enough. Organizations need integrated solutions that align with the strategic priority to understand consumers across devices.”

Implementing a Successful Content Personalization Strategy

Some marketers are aware that they need to make improvements in terms of tailored messaging and content personalization. The “2016 Trends in Personalization” report from Evergage revealed that 55 percent of marketers using personalization would give themselves a “C” grade (on an A-through-F scale) in terms of success.

“The first steps to implementing great personalization are finding the right solution and the right people,” noted Paula Crerar, vice president of content marketing and programs at Evergage.

Approximately 74 percent of respondents said that personalization is “very” or “extremely” important to their company. Sixty-seven percent stated that they most frequently use personalization tactics in email. Fifty-six percent said the same about websites, and 27 percent stated that they personalize their mobile websites.

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